Oplv 2017 New Products Release Meeting

Publisher:oplv   Release time: 2017-05-11 06:54:09  

Oplv 2017 New Products Release Meeting We invite you to our March event to depict a bright future together. The oplv brand release meeting will surprise you with astonishing brand new products; guests from all over the world will gather on the distributors annual meeting to exchange, share and outline industry prospects; the 2017 new prodcuts has made a stunning appearance on Guangzhou Pazhou Windows and Doors Exhibition, revealing the panoramic view of development trends, the colourful March has brought us plenty of highlights, the following interpretation is what oplv has prepared for your. 1, oplv partner with space upgrade, Highlight I: oplv partner with space upgrade, becoming "Strategic Partner of China's Space Activities". At the annual meeting, Zhang Yujiang, secretary-general of China Space Foundation and the former deputy commander of the China Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, will come to the scene. In 2017, oplv will demonstrate its brand vitality through innovative marketing and innovative technologies based on the activities of "Space Products" and "2017 Special Space Tours". While continuing to promote the development of China's aerospace industry, oplv will continue to break through in its products and technologies, keep creating boutique doors and windows for the vast number of consumers. 2, Brand release, a new sail, Highlight II: oplv full system doors and windows brand unveiled and released. Oplv full system doors and windows brand was designed wholly led by Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts, with a unique cultural heritage and a keen sense of aesthetic style, based on life, it perfectly combines aesthetics and brand concept, and brings art into life. Remodeling brand and illuming the furture, oplv brand release will be beyond your imagination! 3, Awards ceremony, witness the brilliant achievements, Highlight III: On the awards ceremony, oplv celebrities were commended. Summing up the past year, oplv has gained innumerable great achievements; looking forward to the new year, oplv holds lofty aspirations, and will march forward indomitably! To review and summarize, the awards ceremony will announce 2016 outstanding distributors, star stores and other awards. The outstanding figure list will be announced, so stay tuned. 4, The new products attending the National Doors, Windows, and Curtain Wall Exhibition, Highlight IV: 2017 oplv new products of full system doors and windows, oplv IDEA aluminum wooden doors and windows new products will make stunning appearance on the National Doors, Windows, and Curtain Wall New Products Exhibition. From March 11-13, 2017, Guangzhou Pazhou 23rd National Aluminum Wooden Doors, Windows and Curtain Wall New Products Expo will put on a grand opening! During this Expo, oplv will present the integrated products needed for modern whole home system and intensively display its latest research and development achievements through two booths and unique way, helping you to grasp the latest trends in the current windows and doors industry.